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31 July 2006 @ 10:04 pm
Pure Creation - Reira Application  

Name (LJ is fine..): paVame

AIM/MSN/Yahoo Name: msn - kate-black@hotmail.com

Character Applying For: Reira

Series: NANA

Any Previous/Current RPGs: Hellsing

Character You Played: Victoria

THIRD PERSON Paragraph in character: (AND I mean a PARAGRAPH)

The sun at noon was the worst. It just so happened to directly pierce the top of the bed right at the pillow area. It would cause any hung-over or depressed person to gain an unpleasant headache.

Reira just so happened to be the noon sun victim. She clenched her fragile hands on the pale pink Egyptian cotton sheets. Her eyes were still moist from the excessive crying she had let out all through out the night before. The last thing Reira needed was the cheerfulness of the sun. All she wanted was to embrace was the silence of the night.

She kept her eyes closed. They were crusted shut from the mascara that she didn’t wash off and the salt from her tears.

One name threw itself at her mind enough to make her go insane...


... Shin

All of her desires that didn't come from love melted away. Love was her only desire that haunted her now. Love and that horrid sun that wouldn't leave her in peace.

A tug emerged from Reira's pinkie finger. Her mind drew pictures of that angelic boy's face holding on to it, caressing it as if it was the most expensive piece of china in the world.

A soft rip echoed from the sheets. Reira's ring placed its mark in the expensive pink sheets as she clenched them with all of her might.

In her mind she could see little music notes float away and dissolve in the darkness. Music was no longer a remedy to a broken heart. Neither was a ring.

Reira's heart wanted to her to cry, but the tears simply wouldn't come out anymore. Her body began to feel dry and lifeless. Not a note was left for her to sing, nor a tear to cry with. She was an empty shell, a case of depression.

Love, to be loved. A feeling that had the power to make man nothing.

Reira pulled the covers over her head. She forced her eyes open. Speckles of makeup from the day before fluttered in the air. Her body was embraced by the color of pink from the reflection of the sheets. On the left side of her chest there was a white light. Up above her body there was a little hole that let in the sun's light.

On her pinkie finger was the ring and a piece of pink thread.

Ashsekai_kitai on August 1st, 2006 09:06 pm (UTC)
Congratulations! You've been accepted as Serizawa Reira!

You can go ahead and make your character journal, and let me know when you do ^_^

Your application was excellent, by the way. The description and emotions were well written.
nyko_ on August 3rd, 2006 08:39 pm (UTC)
I will get on making that journal right away! I am actually coding it as we speak. I will comment back and post the url when I am complete!